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Wisdom Teeth

Is it necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed?
No, not all people need their wisdom teeth removed.  However, wisdom teeth are positioned in the upper & lower furthest back part of your mouth, making it difficult to reach and keep clean.  When proper oral hygiene is not continually maintained in these areas it can cause debris and tartar build-up, leading to possible tooth decay, inflammation, discomfort, gum disease, infection or bad odors.  Also, if wisdom teeth do not position correctly in the mouth it can lead to malocclusion (alignment issues), which can lead to headaches, discomfort, difficult chewing, tooth decay, mouth breathing, speech problems (lisp development), biting of cheeks or tongue, and in some cases wisdom teeth can push other teeth, causing crowding issues. These potential issues are why most dental professionals may recommend removal of wisdom teeth.

– from Lisa G. (Business Team)

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