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One Day Implants for the Whole Mouth

Recently I have had quite a few patients ask about a Twin Cities’ commercial advertising “One Day Implants for the Whole Mouth.”  This is where people have their teeth extracted and then leave with implants and new teeth that same day.  I have been to several Continuing Education classes lately that have talked about this treatment.  This is a great option for the right people, and I was happy to learn that we have that treatment available right here in Mankato.  The Oral Surgeon did say that you can only chew food that you can cut with a plastic spoon for about 6 months, until the jaw bone has fully filled in around the implants.  Still, their patients are really happy to have teeth that same day!  If this is something that you would like to find out more about, please come and talk to one of our dentists at Commerce Drive Dental. 
– from Susan B. (Dental Hygienist)
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