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Now Accepting New Patients!

Whether it’s been years since you have seen a dentist or are just looking for a new office, Commerce Drive Dental Group welcomes you!  We strive to help our patients with their oral hygiene and health as well as their confidence.  Here is what you could expect at your initial visit with us:

  • A full series of x-rays:  Doing a full series of x-rays will help with diagnosing cavities and locating any abnormalities within the mouth that we may not be able to see by just looking visually.  The series consists of 18 films of all the teeth. These x-rays are necessary to get every 5-10 years; otherwise you can expect bite wings or “check up x-rays” yearly.
  • Perio measurements:  Once the x-rays have been taken, a hygienist will take their time observing the films and noting any bone loss and hard tartar that may be hiding under the gum tissues.  They use a special “ruler-like” instrument that measures in millimeters to see how much bone loss there is around the tooth. We call this “probing.”  There are 6 measurements around each tooth; healthy readings are 1-3mm, while 4mm shows signs of early gum disease and 5+mm may be more advanced gum disease.  These measurements will help determine what kind of cleaning we recommend for you and determine the health of your gum tissues (this is why flossing is important!).
  • Complete exam:  Finally you will have a complete exam done by one of our four great dentists! The doctor will start with a thorough oral cancer screening, checking for lumps, bumps, and abnormalities inside and outside of your mouth.  Next they will check for cavities, any signs of infections, and overall health of your teeth and tissues.  We will be sure to give you our best recommendations for improving your oral health.
  • At the end of the appointment we will review treatment plans, if anything has been recommended, and go over any questions you might have.  We like to use visuals such as photos, models and videos to help answer any questions and give you a better understanding of what may need to be done.  Finances will be discussed by our business staff at the end of the appointment as well.

Call us at 507-345-7786 to set up an initial appointment with us today!  And thank you for the referrals!

– from Erica S. (Dental Assistant)

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