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Making the Most Out of Your Dental Visit

In order to get the maximum benefit from every dental visit,  please keep the dental staff informed about your oral health and your overall health.  Your dentist should be made aware of any abnormal symptoms related to your oral health, including pain or sensitivity in the teeth and gums, pain in the mouth or jaw, problems with chewing and swallowing, or if you suspect that you have any new cavities.  It is important to catch new dental symptoms early so they can be treated before they become problematic.

In addition, be sure to tell your dentist about any new medical conditions that have occurred since your last visit, and if you take medications, bring a list of them to each dental visit.  Your dentist will want to be sure that any medications they may prescribe for your oral health won’t have a bad interaction with current medications that you are taking for other conditions.

– from Karin S. (Dental Assistant)

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