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Is fluoride varnish at the dentist really necessary?

A new, large scaled study in the Journal of the American Dental Association reviewed how effective topical fluoride is at preventing the progression of small “starting” cavities, or incipient lesions.  While they are not yet full blown cavities, these incipient lesions can easily progress if they are not maintained with meticulous brushing, flossing, and use of fluoride.  This study found that topical fluoride varnish was very effective as an aid to reversing or maintaining these spots and preventing future decay.  Fluoride varnish was also found to be effective in both baby and adult teeth.  While it with never take the place of good oral hygiene and minimizing the food and drinks that cause cavities, research supports that fluoride varnish can provide a strong boost to preventing tooth decay.

– from Dr. Tim Jernberg

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