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Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are also known as primary dentition.  Eruption of these teeth can start anywhere between four and 15 months of age.  The eruption pattern is usually symmetrical starting with the lower central teeth followed by the upper central teeth.  Sometimes the anticipated sequence is not followed but is not a cause for concern.  Children may have tender or swollen gums when teething but diarrhea, rash or fever are not “normal” symptoms.  Offering the child something hard and cold to chew on may ease the discomfort.  A few examples are refrigerated teething rings, a frozen banana, and/or a clean wet cool washcloth.  Usually by the age of three there are 20 teeth which is also a full primary dentition. Development will differ from child to child, but if ever there is a question we would love to see you and your little one at Commerce Drive Dental!  We offer full cleanings and exams, and it is never too early to start a life-long habit for a healthy mouth.

– from Tessa H. (Dental Assistant)

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