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Are you really aware of your child’s sugar consumption or your own sugar consumption?  

The free “Sugar Smart App” lets you scan bar codes and gives you the total amount of sugar in cubes or grams to help aid in the awareness of sugar content you or your children are consuming on a regular basis.  Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and may lead to health issues as an adult of type 2 diabetes and obesity.  Below is a list of a few products along with their sugar cube content:

  • Can of soda – contains at least 9 cubes of sugar
  • Chocolate candy bar – contains 6 cubes of sugar
  • Small juice box – contains more than 5 cubes of sugar

Daily recommended sugar limits for children:

  • Four to six year olds – five sugar cubes or 19g
  • Seven to ten year olds – six sugar cubes or 24g
  • 11 year olds and above – seven sugar cubes or 30g

Source: Public Health England

To download the free “Sugar Smart App” for ways to cut sugar content, healthy recipes and much more, please click the following link,

For more information on the “Sugar Smart App” and research, please click on the following link:

– from Lisa G. (Business Team)

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