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Parodontax Toothpaste

Keeping your gums healthy between dental cleanings can be challenging and sometimes using a special toothpaste like Parodontax can be helpful.  Gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) can be progressive, possibly leading to more severe periodontal disease. 

People often ignore symptoms because they believe bleeding gums are:
1. A sign of efficient cleaning and assume blood is the result of brushing or flossing too hard. 
2. A temporary problem and blame symptoms on underlying factors such as stress, genetics, age, etc. 
3. A normal part of daily life and fail to understand that bleeding gums may be associated with gingivitis. 
4. Untreatable and avoid the problem because they fear the long-term damage cannot be resolved. 

Leave bleeding gums behind with Parodontax toothpaste. I have had several patients that have had good results using this toothpaste. If you are seeing your dental hygienist on the recommended 3 – 6 month cleanings, brushing and flossing twice daily and still having bleeding issues, why not give Parodontax a try?

– from Julie C. (Dental Hygienist)

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