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Your Bite

Whenever treatment is completed, big or small, there is a chance that your bite may be off.  This does not happen for the majority of the time, but it is not uncommon.  It can be confused with normal sensitivity after treatment.  If it feels like your teeth are hitting on one side more than another or one tooth first, that is a sign that the bite should be checked/adjusted.  If the tooth has not settled down within 2 weeks or worsens, again that is a reason to call and we may recommend that the tooth or teeth be checked.  A bite that may be high will not adjust itself, nor will you grind your bite into it.  If the bite is off for a period of time, it can keep the tooth sore and sensitive to temperatures.  Once we correct your bite, the tooth may stay sore/sensitive for a week or two while it heals.  Keeping a soft diet will help heal things quicker for you. 

– from Kirsten M. (Dental Assistant)

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