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What Kind of Toothpaste Is Best?

There is not one toothpaste that is better than others.  We use toothpaste for the fluoride content to help strengthen teeth.  The motion of the toothbrush and floss help to remove bacteria and food debris.  When you buy toothpaste look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance; most major brands of toothpaste have it.  The ADA Seal means that the fluoride toothpaste has met ADA’s requirements for safety and effectiveness in reducing decay.  For a complete list of ADA Seal products and more information, see
There are special toothpastes that may be recommended by your dental professional for high rates of cavities or sensitive teeth.  Dental professionals may recommend a prescription toothpaste for people with high rates of cavities.  These toothpastes contain usually five times more fluoride than over the counter brands.  A sensitive toothpaste may be recommended for people with sensitive teeth.  (Refer to our blog entry “Tooth Sensitivity,” written 4-18-12.)  For many people, basic fluoride toothpaste works great to help fight cavities.
The best toothpaste for you may not be the same for others.  Personal preference plays a role in selection.  You can buy basic fluoride toothpaste as either paste or gel.  You do not have to buy the most expensive toothpaste to get good results.  In fact, some people have experienced sensitivity or problems with some of the new types of toothpaste on the market.  Like all products, toothpaste companies try to beat the competition with a toothpaste that can do it all and every year they come out with something new.  Sometimes new with all kinds of claims is really not the best.  Use the toothpaste you prefer or the kind your dental professional recommends for you.

– from Kim B. (Dental Hygienist)
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