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Water Flossers

A friend recently asked me a question about water flossers.  He lives in another part of Minnesota and his hygienist recommended that he get a Hydro Flosser from their office.  I told him that I wasn’t familiar with that device, but I looked it up and it sounded similar to a Waterpik.   Flossing with regular floss is the best for removing plaque.  Then, if someone isn’t going to do regular flossing, we like the Sonicare Airfloss at our office.  They are very easy to use (one button operation).  They have been shown to be 5x more effective than a toothbrush (on spaces between teeth and along the gum line). The Auto-burst feature cleans the whole mouth in just 30 seconds. They also claim that it improves gum health in 14 days.  Last, but not least, it isn’t as messy as Waterpiks. 

The bottom line is, all of the water flossers have been shown to really help people with oral health if they aren’t regular flossers.  You just have to pick one that seems like something you will actually use.   After hearing all of this, my friend decided to go with the Airfloss from our office.

– from Susan B. (Dental Hygienist)

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