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The Airflosser

Everyone has probably heard that you should floss daily to maintain healthy gums and teeth.  For some, that task can be cumbersome and time consuming, causing a lot of people to skip the process.  The Phillips Company has developed a new device called the Sonicare Airflosser with which you can easily clean between all of your teeth in just 60 seconds.
With a quick burst, microdroplets of water are accelerated by pressurized air to disrupt and remove plaque in-between teeth.  The speed and force of these droplets are incredibly effective, yet proven to be gentle on your gums.  You only need to use it coming from the outside of your teeth.
The Sonicare Airflosser has been proven to remove up to 99% more plaque in-between teeth than brushing alone with a manual toothbrush, and removes 66% more plaque in-between teeth when compared to a Phillips Sonicare alone (plus the Airflosser will remove food debris).
We still recommend using regular floss over the Airflosser, but this can be a perfect solution for people who find it too difficult or time consuming to use regular floss.  If you have any questions about the Airflosser, please contact our office.  We do keep them on hand for purchase.

– from Susan B. (Dental Hygienist)

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