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Temporary Crowns & How to Care for Them

Temporary crowns are made out of a plastic resin-like material.  They are meant to cover the tooth and hold the space between the teeth, so the permanent crown will fit correctly.  They are not very strong, so it is very important to try to do most (if not all) of your chewing on the opposite side of your mouth.  Foods to stay away from would be really sticky things like gum, caramels, and taffy, in addition to really hard foods like nuts and peanut brittle.  If your temporary crown breaks or comes off please let us know; we can either re-cement it or make a new one if needed.  Please do not use any over-the-counter dental cements or super glue to put it back in yourself.  

It is still very important to brush and floss around your temporary crown unless instructed otherwise.
  The best way to floss around your temporary is to floss through the contact like normal, but pull the floss out through the side instead of back through the contact.  You could have some sensitivity to temperatures and biting (another reason we tell you not to eat on that side) but that should subside shortly after the permanent crown is seated.  Sometimes it can still take awhile for the tooth to settle down, depending on the reason the crown was needed.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your temporary crown, please contact our office at (507) 345-7786.

– from Pam T. (Dental Assistant)

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