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Retirement Reflections from Dr. Eichmeyer

The blog today will be about how to know when you are ready to retire.  I have been a dentist for almost 40 years.  During this time I have seen many changes in dentistry, nothing more dramatic than the common use of the computer and digital world we now find ourselves living in.  Even though these advancements have significantly improved dentistry, the most important aspect of dentistry is the interpersonal relationships formed with your patients over time.  This is what I am going to miss when I retire this June.  I have had the most wonderful patients anyone could ever imagine.  Talk about being blessed, I certainly have been.  So why retire now?  There comes a time when you simply know the time is right.  If you listen closely to your body, you get the message that you are not as young or as energetic as you once were. 

Then comes the question, who is going to care for these fantastic patients I have treated over the years?  The good news is that Commerce Drive Dental has this covered.  First of all, Tim Jernberg, DMD joined our group almost two years ago and has been doing very well.  He is a joy to be around, has excellent clinical skills, and will certainly take good care of everyone he treats.  The newest dentist to join our group will be Garrett Clause who will be graduating from dental school this May.  Garrett is the son of my partner, David Clause, and I have known him since he was born.  Garrett is simply an exceptional young man and you could not ask for a better person.  Garrett has worked in our office doing sterilization and our staff really got along very well with him.  He has always received top scores in school and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Garrett will be a fantastic dentist. 

So I do feel that everything has lined up perfectly for me to retire, but that does not mean that I won’t miss everyone.  Commerce Drive Dental would like to invite everyone on Thursday, June 4 from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM to an open house at the dental clinic to welcome the new dentists and say goodbye to the old guy.  Thanks for everything. 

– from Dr. Eichmeyer

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