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Our Prairie and Our Teeth

If you like flowers, you might want to come up and look at our prairie right now behind our office.  The asters are in full bloom and are a blend of different shades of purple that spreads throughout the whole prairie:
This did not happen by accident, however.  When we planted this prairie 6 years ago we thought we were putting in something that would not take much time or cost to maintain, while providing a nice habitat for wildlife in the area (which it has, with deer and ducks enjoying the pond and prairie that surrounds it).  We have since discovered that it is actually quite the opposite, as there are many things in our fertile southern Minnesota environment that like to invade the prairie, such as thistle and birds foot trefoil.  At times we wonder if the prairie is worth the maintenance time and effort and cost – but when you get results like this, it is not hard to justify it.

This is rather like your own teeth!  Your teeth are not easy to maintain, either.  It takes time, dedication, and yes, money to get great results.  If you don’t invest these things, your mouth will be invaded with bacteria – not much differently than the invasive noxious weeds that threaten our prairie.  But it can be done, and it is definitely worth it as healthy teeth can last a lifetime.  It is never too late to start. 

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– from Dr. David Clause

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