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Oral Health Problems Associated with Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, people with Diabetes are at an increased risk of gum disease.  Research shows that the link between gum disease and diabetes goes both ways.  Diabetics are more prone to gum disease and gum disease can also potentially influence blood sugar control and contribute to the progression on diabetes.  This is due to the fact that patients with diabetes are at a higher risk to contract a bacterial infection because of a compromised immune system.

Gum disease is not the only oral health problem diabetics may be prone to; other issues can include decay, dry mouth, thrush, and ulcers.

What can you do as a Diabetic to help prevent oral health issues?  Most importantly, control your blood sugar levels.  Next, invest in your oral health care.  Brush and floss regularly and visit the Dentist/Hygienist every six months.

And last but not least, let your dental professional know if you have any special needs.  Keep us informed of any health changes, including medications.  And definitely delay any non-emergency dental visits if your glucose level is not in control.

Stay healthy and keep smiling!!!

– from JJ K. (Dental Assistant)

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