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NeutraSal and Xerostomia

Xerostomia affects many dental patients.  This is a condition where there is a loss or lack of saliva in the mouth, often due to medications, but it can also be a result of not drinking enough fluids, eating dry food, dry weather, and sleeping with the mouth open at night.

There are many over-the-counter products that can help with dry mouth; Biotene and ACT are just a couple.  There is now another product available to patients, but a prescription is needed from a dental or medical professional to obtain it.  NeutraSal is a clinically proven rinse to help relieve dry mouth symptoms.  The ingredients in NeutraSal work like your own saliva to help balance your oral pH and restore the oral environment.

NeutraSal is easy to use.  Step 1:  dissolve entire contents from the single-use packet into 2 Tbsp of water.  Step 2:  immediately swish half of the oral rinse for 1 minute, spit out, then repeat with the remaining half of the rinse.  It is recommended to use twice daily for the best results. 

Patients that used this product for 28 days in a clinical study noticed improvements in eating, swallowing, and talking, plus a reduced amount of the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.
There is no added flavor to NeutraSal.  It does not go through your system or affect the rest of your body because it is only a rinse.  There are no anticipated side effects if swallowed accidentally.  NeutraSal will not interact with other medications.

Patients on a low-sodium diet should consult with their physician before using NeutraSal.  It is not intended to prevent dry mouth, but cit an help relieve chronic dry mouth symptoms.

– from Tricia H. (Dental Hygienist)

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