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Nail Biting

Nail biting is a habit that quite a few people adopt in life.  Most people do not realize that nail biting can lead to illnesses due to the bacteria that is trapped under the nail, even if you practice good hand washing technique.  Your hands/fingers come in contact with many different surfaces, objects, and people during the course of a day and unless you actually take an instrument and wash under the nail every time you come in contact with a surface, object, or person, you are putting yourself at risk for an illness every time you bite on your nails.  Nail biting can cause damage dentally as well.  Your nail is quite a thick and strong material and over time the enamel on your teeth can wear down, causing your teeth to chip and even possibly break off.  Some damage can be fixed by your dentist smoothing down the surface where the chip is, but you are permanently losing part of your tooth when this happens and in some cases where the tooth breaks it may require a crown or removal of the tooth, depending on the condition of the tooth in the first place and how the tooth breaks. 

Nail biting is a difficult habit to break, but for your general and dental health it is wise to discontinue this habit.  If you find that it is too difficult to discontinue, please call and make an appointment to visit with your dentist to discuss this habit and ways that can help you curb or even discontinue this habit.  The dentist will discuss and in some cases may suggest making a mouth guard to help prevent any further damage that may occur and curb this habit.  

– from Lisa G. (Business Team)

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