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Fun Facts about Dentistry

Some fun facts related to Dentistry:

  • The average person produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime.
  • Airborne particles from a flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet which is a TERRIFIC argument for not keeping your toothbrush near the toilet.
  • In 1994, a prison inmate in West Virginia braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall and escaped.
  • People who drink 3 or more glasses of pop/sports drinks per day have 62% more cavities, fillings and tooth loss than those who do not. 
  • Over 75% of people in the U.S.A. suffer from some form of gum disease.  It is the leading cause of tooth loss in people over the age of 35.  
  • Gum disease can be prevented or controlled!!
  • According to Time magazine, 59% of Americans would rather have a dental appointment than be sitting next to someone talking on a cell phone.  

– from Dr. Jessica Kuryla

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