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Home Care Tips for Night Guards

  • Before wearing your guard, make sure your teeth are brushed and flossed well.
  • Do not eat or drink with the guard in.
  • Use hand soap with a soft bristled toothbrush to clean the guard.  Make sure to rinse well.
  • Do not use toothpaste.  Toothpaste is abrasive and can leave micro scratches within the guard that will pick up stain.
  • To prevent distortion, use lukewarm water.
  • Do not soak the night guard.
  • Bring your guard to every cleaning appointment so it can be checked over by your doctor.

    • He or she will check to make sure the guard fits properly and also check for excess wear.

If any adjustments are needed prior to your next appointment, please bring the guard in and we will be more than happy to adjust it for you.

– from Becca W. (Dental Hygienist)

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