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Dental Insurance

Every dental insurance plan has its own unique quirks.  Most have a maximum dollar value per year, per patient, ranging from $750.00 to $2500.00, while a few have a family maximum.  This maximum covers restorative work as well as routine exams and cleanings.  There is a deductible to be met, but most often that comes into play with restorative work.  Some plans cover fillings at 50%, others at 80%.  Some plans will also not cover composite (white or tooth-colored) fillings on back or posterior teeth, but will cover the cost of a silver (amalgam) filling.  We do not routinely do amalgam fillings at Commerce Drive Dental, as we recommend composite fillings for most patients.  

If at any time you have questions regarding your specific coverage, check the insurance book that your employer provided or call the number on the back of your insurance card.  Commerce Drive Dental will be happy to work with your insurance plan to best meet your dental needs.

– from Deb B. (Business Team)

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