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Decrease Your Risk of Oral Cancer

Here are some tips to help you decrease your risk of oral cancer:

  • Do not use tobacco, in any form.
  • Make sure your diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoid preserved meats (like tobacco, they contain nitrosamines).
  • Avoid risky sexual behavior. Oral cancer cases among young people are on the increase due to a particular strain of the human papilloma virus (HPV-16)┬áthat can be transmitted through oral sex.
  • Maintain regular dental visits. Oral cancer screenings are part of dental exams.
  • If you notice any unusual bumps, sores or other changes in your mouth or throat, call us at 507-345-7786 to make an appointment to have it checked out. The survival rate for oral cancer goes up dramatically the earlier the disease is treated.

– from Pam T. (Dental Assistant)

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