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New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

As the new year approaches, many of us think about making New Year’s resolutions to improve our overall health as well as our oral health.  Following are some great goals to work toward in 2017.
*Healthier Eating Habits – including Fruits and Veggies
Frequent eating of food and drink containing carbohydrates and acids contribute to tooth decay.  Antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, veggies and nuts improve your body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, helping to protect your teeth and gums. 
*Quit Smoking and/or Using other Tobacco Products
Tobacco use can harm your mouth in multiple ways, increasing risk for tooth discoloration, decay, gum recession and disease and throat, lung and oral cancer.
*Brush at Least Twice a Day and Floss at Least Once a Day
Brushing and flossing protect your teeth from plaque which is a harmful bacteria that causes decay and gum disease.
*See Your Dentist for Regular Check-ups
Dental health problems can be prevented before they cause discomfort or require extensive treatment if you see your dentist at least twice a year.
With these resolution tips, you can have a healthier smile in 2017 (and far into the future).
On behalf of the doctors and staff of Commerce Drive Dental Group, we wish you and your families all the best in the New Year!

– from Dawn K. (Business Team)

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