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Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth can result in a variety of symptoms, from no noticeable pain at all to severe pain when chewing and sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures.  Severely cracked teeth can result in a severe, constant pain that has sent patients to the emergency room.  Cracked teeth can show up in a variety of ways and the extent of the crack will determine the best treatment.  Oftentimes, a crown will provide the best protection against migration or worsening of cracks.  In cases where pain is associated with a crack, root canal therapy may be needed as well.  In severe splits or teeth with cracks below the gum line, tooth removal and replacement may be the best option.  For these reasons, it is very important that any pain with chewing or temperature be addressed by your dentist.  While cracks can result from normal wear and tear, they are typically more common in patients with larger fillings, patients who chew on hard food such as popcorn and ice, or patients who grind their teeth.  Early diagnosis is important and can be difficult due to crack location, so regular dental checkups are key to successfully treating cracked teeth.

– from Dr. Tim Jernberg

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