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Athletic Mouthguards

Knowing how to protect your mouth and teeth is important if you participate in sports, so a custom-made mouthguard is considered an essential piece of athletic gear.  Mouthguards can help buffer an impact or blow that could otherwise cause broken teeth, jaw injuries, or cuts to the lip, tongue, or face.

At Commerce Drive Dental, we make custom-fit mouthguards for our patients.  An impression is taken of the upper teeth and is poured up in stone to replicate your mouth.  From this impression, a mouthguard (in the color of your choice) is fabricated specifically for your mouth.  A strap may also be attached for certain sports (like football).  

Mouthguards are easy to care for, keeping these tips in mind:
     – They can be cleaned with cool, soapy water.  
     – Rinse thoroughly, before and after each use.
     – Do not leave mouthguards exposed to sun or hot water.
     – Check for wear and replace the mouthguard when necessary.

Please let us know if you have any questions about athletic mouthguards or any other type of mouthguard such as snore guards, bruxism guards, and Under Armour performance mouthwear.

– from Karin S. (Dental Assistant)

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