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Are the New Toothpastes Really Better?

“If I buy one of those fancy new toothpastes, will my teeth be cleaner???”

Unfortunately, no – a special toothpaste will not clean your teeth better.  Your teeth get clean by the motion of your toothbrush and floss touching the teeth to remove the soft plaque and food debris. Toothpaste is recommended because it contains fluoride.  Fluoride can help strengthen our teeth and prevent cavities.

Some of those special new toothpastes have a lot of extra ingredients in them that you do not need and can even cause sensitivity issues for some people.  Some of those ingredients may cause staining, sensitive teeth or mouth sores.  Everyone reacts differently; someone may use a certain kind and not have any problems, but another person may have issues like sensitivity or staining.

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics:  the kinds of toothpaste that have been around for years instead of the fancy new ones.  So next time you go shopping and are looking at the shelves of toothpaste, look towards the floor as the cheaper and not brand-new kinds are usually not at eye level. Just because a toothpaste is cheaper does not mean it doesn’t work.  Remember, it’s the motion of your toothbrush and floss that do the cleaning, and you use the toothpaste for the benefit of fluoride.  You might even save some money!!!

– from Kim B. (Dental Hygienist)

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